Micro Plastic Jewlery

Woods to Wire collaborated with Sea Hugger to shed light on the problem of plastic pollution.

These items are made of microplastic collected from local beaches from the Sea Hugger community. Once a plastic hairbrush, a takeout container, or a bottle cap and now a piece of jewelry to remind us all to skip a single-use plastic item when we can and get outside a little bit more.

Sea Hugger has collected 9,471 pieces of microplastic from reaching our oceans.

A portion of every sale will be given to a sea hugger program.

Learn more about sea hugger at www.seahugger.org

Every piece of jewelry will come with a seed paper card, to re use and plant in your garden.

As handmade jewelry brand that takes inspiration from the natural world. Being able to repurpose plastics by turning them into jewelry is meaningful way to take part in helping keep the oceans clean.

Together, we can prevent plastic pollution.